Semi submersible Accommodation Platform (Marine & Offshore)


Semi submersible Accommodation Platform (MP)

Electric valve solutions for semi submersible accomodation platform

Clorius Controls has supplied the complete cooling valve solution for the newly built semisubmersible accommodation platform CR600, where top class performance and resistance to harsh environmental conditions makes all the difference when it comes to safety, performance, process safety and reliability.

Customer: Yantai CIMS Raffles // Shandong, China
Project: Self-designed Semisubmersible Accommodation Platform CR600
Industry: Marine & Offshore 
Application: Cooling Water Systems
Media: Fresh Water
Delivery: 2015
Quantity: 5 Valves
Ship classification: ABS

Scope of delivery
3 Way Rotary DN500 ("20) EN Flanges
3 Way Wax Type Valves DN250 ("10) & DN125 ("5) EN Flanges

Founded in 1992, Yantai CIMS Raffles is an integrated offshore builder capable of engineering, construction and commissioning of large offshore vessels.

As one of the largest offshore builders in China, CIMS Raffles specializes in semi-submersible platforms, jack-up platforms and special purpose offshore vessels. CIMS Raffles amount of deep-water submersible drilling rigs being under construction covers 21 % of the global market. 

Yantai CIMS Raffles choose Clorius Controls as a supplier of control valves due to product quality, material compatability and availability, versatile mounting orientation, dynamic performance of our solutions, coupled with a wide product assortment. 

All valves were delivered with necessary certification and analysis testing documentation with very short lead times. 

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