We are looking for an engineer, technician, product manager, economist, finance people, controllers, student worker, project, dissertation


People in their natural element
BROEN is a global company and therefore a global workplace. We have many businesses around the world, representing to varying degrees our five business areas. The BROEN values and management culture reach beyond Denmark, extending throughout the global organisation, wherever it is. You can be certain you will always receive the same level of service and professionalism wherever and whenever you work with BROEN.

Towards new goals 
People make all the difference. Our company is formed by people who create success for you and for BROEN. Our staff members are our most important resource and the foundation of our success. That is why we make every effort to create a thriving working environment, ensuring personal and professional development. We place great emphasis on staff and management development, so each and every staff member can be at the forefront of his field and realize his true potential. This is why every BROEN staff member you meet is motivated, flexible, and service orientated. Our staff is known for their loyalty and this permeates throughout the BROEN organization.

The working day at BROEN
A day at BROEN is busy and full of challenges. Our staff works across business areas and it is a strong culture and strong values that connects us across continents, borders and time zones.

At BROEN students also have a place
We work together with students in higher education. As a student, you will have the opportunity to test theories in practice and get an insight into what we work with at BROEN. Typically the student will have an internship and then be assigned a specific task for a semester or get to work on a concrete task from everyday life during a semester project. It is important for us that both the student and the company benefit from the internship or semester project. That is why the cooperation is always based on a concrete issue from everyday life, which the company and the student can work together to solve.

BROEN as a workplace
BROEN produces valve technology for regulation of water, air and gas and supplies complete solutions for plumbing installations, district heating valves and valves for natural gas. BROEN is a global company and a global workplace. We have companies around the world and our business areas are represented to various extent in each company. Strong values are the foundation of our business and with the same common vision that bind us together as one company across borders and time zones.

Personal and professional development
We value both employee development and management development, so that all employees have the opportunity to stay at the forefront of development in their own field and at the same time reach their individual potential. It is important for us to have an ongoing and open dialogue between management and staff.

A culture of teamwork                 
You will be part of a company with a strong team spirit, where colleagues help each other and work together to solve tasks. We also have many celebrations - when new employees join, anniversaries, birthdays and social events. Our staff association provides the right environment for instance when the company comes together and invites you to a summer party, a race and a Christmas party. Every day a salad bar and hot dishes are served , and is where we meet across departments.

Room for diversity
We have and want a diverse workforce, and we employ salespeople, engineers, apprentices, process operators and many more. This also means that we are diverse in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, personality types and professionalism, which we believe is a strength that fosters creativity and learning. Despite our differences, we all contribute to the whole of BROEN.

A good start as a new employee
It is important to us that our new employees get off to a good start. That's why we make sure that new employees are introduced to the company and thoroughly trained in their tasks, so that they are equipped for the job.


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