Natural gas ball valves from BROEN

Natural Gas

Natural Gas

The BROEN ball valves are dedicated for production, processing, transmission and distribution in the gas, petrochemical, chemical, heating and other industries and for a wide range of fluids, such as natural gas, propane, butane and other gas mixtures.

Since introduction of BOG valves for natural gas we have successfully delivered our products to installations and pipelines operated by largest companies in the CEE countries, i.e. PGNiG SA/ Gaz System SA (Poland), SSP (Slovakia), MOL (Hungary).

Constantly developed product portfolio, sophisticated technological solutions, timely deliveries and high quality of customer service – all these features guarantee satisfaction of our Customers.

  • The two way on-off ball valves are designed and produced by BROEN and are recommended to be used as isolating valves
  • The valves have a low fluid resistance and consequently, high KV values
  • The valves with self-lubricating seats are recommended for a wide range of industrial applications
  • The metal seated valves are recommended for severe-duty service industrial applications
  • The trunnion mounted BROEN ball valves are designed to equally seal in both directions and are fitted with advanced dependable spring loaded seats and optionally with a bleed port. This offers the highest mechanical and functional reliability on the market
  • Design for either above or underground services, the BROEN ball valves substantially exceed common requirements for standard, as well as for severe conditions industrial applications

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