Engine builders

Engine builders

Simple solutions for complex problems

Clorius Controls provides highly efficient and energy-saving flow management solutions for the requirements of 2 and 4 stroke engine builders.

Our aim is to help you reduce your cost and prevent unnecessary downtime while providing you with premium flow management solutions compromising of self-acting, pneumatic and electric options.

Solutions for system critical applications

Regardless of the type of engine or application, Clorius Controls is able to deliver critical system solutions to meet the challenging requirements set by Engine builders and OEMS.

We achieve this by having complete insight into the many aspects of engine building and by using creative concepts, new materials, and better designs that will help you reduce maintenance issues, prevent outages and decrease downtime.
Whether you need a highly advanced and customized solution or the most cost-efficient solution available, Clorius’ dedicated team of engineers, global network and more than 115 years of experience will deliver exactly that. 

Leading partner in designing top quality flow management solutions

Clorius Controls is a leading partner in designing top-quality flow management solutions, recognized for our know-how in the Engine Building industry as well as for product reliability and safety of our solutions. Our core strength is our ability to enhance our own flow solutions to the specific needs of our client.

By providing solutions that offer real value, customers see the benefit in our willingness to persistently examine the specific needs of each application area whilst developing optimized solution with greater flexibility and efficiency that benefit our customers’ application demands.

Value-driven with uncompromising standards

Led by our values; a devotion to quality in everything we make or do and a dedication to serving our customers is why our R&D team is continuously pushing the envelope when it comes to increased efficiency and durability of our solutions.

Relentless commitment and emphasis on product and process improvement led to a product range of premium quality and ultimate reliability whilst delivering enduring value to OEM clients. 


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