Meet Kenneth Jørgensen

Meet Kenneth Jørgensen, Project Manager for OEM sales at BROEN BALLOFIX

Meet Kenneth Jørgensen, one of our experienced OEM Project Managers at BROEN. With more than 40 years of knowhow within production, industry and cooling Kenneth brings wide knowledge to his role and he has been an important part of Team BROEN BALLOFIX since joining BROEN in 2022.

As Project Manager, Kenneth focus on collaborating with our global clients in developing customized solutions and to bring value to our customers. He is especially focusing on providing exceptional technical support and ensuring project success.

Besides being fluent in German and English, Kenneth communicates professionally and effectively with partners from around the world within more segments - drinking water, cooling and heating applications.

With a strong track record in project management, Kenneth excels in delivering projects:

- On time
- within budget and
- to the highest quality of standards.

Kenneth’s extensive experience and dedication to customer satisfaction makes him an important asset to BROEN BALLOFIX.

Please contact Kenneth Jørgensen for more information on BROEN BALLOFIX OEM solutions.

Kenneth Jørgensen
Project Manager, OEM Sales
Building Installations

Mobile: +45 2340 1019