BROEN Valve Technologies celebrates 30 years as part of Aalberts N.V.

We at BROEN Valve Technologies are proud to announce our 30th anniversary as a valuable part of the Aalberts N.V. Group. During these three decades, Aalberts N.V. has contributed significantly to BROEN's growth and position as an international leader in valve technology.

Under the ownership of Aalberts N.V., BROEN has undergone an impressive transformation from a small company focusing on the Nordic markets to a much larger and internationally oriented company with sales and production in several markets. Cooperation with sister companies in the Aalberts Group has broadened our product range and given us access to a wider market for BROEN products.

The development of new products and technologies has been a constant focus for Aalberts N.V. and has been a central driving force behind the investment in the development of BROEN. This has resulted in the creation of a broad and innovative product portfolio within all our brands: BROEN BALLOFIX®, BROEN BALLOMAX®, BROEN FULL FLOW and BROEN Clorius Controls, which we have successfully supplied to our many customers worldwide.

One of the key benefits of being part of Aalberts N.V. has been our focus on sustainability. Together we have pursued targeted initiatives that have not only strengthened BROEN's product portfolio, but also cemented a shared commitment to responsible business practices. This commitment has not only strengthened BROEN's environmental footprint, but also our brand as a responsible valve manufacturer.

As part of Aalberts N.V., BROEN focuses on attracting the right employees and ensuring their personal and professional development. This is done both internally within BROEN and in cooperation with Aalberts under our common motto: "Winning with People".

The anniversary marks not only an impressive number of years, but also a journey of perseverance and progress. We look forward to continuing this successful journey and thank Aalberts N.V. for 30 years of partnership and result-oriented growth.