Sustainability in R&D

Our target is to reduce product weight by 25% and CO2 emissions by 5%​
Sustainability is embedded in the development of new products with increased focus on:​

  • Always improve vital product parameters, like:​
    Kv values & corrosion resistance.​
    Encourage heat loss insulation by making compact designs. ​
  • Reduction of product weight
    Use FEM calculations, lab tests etc.
  • Reduce the number of components and process steps​
    The fewer components -> the fewer processes -> the lower the energy consumption and waste generation.​
  • Reduce product variance, by use of modularity
    Volume is key to avoid wasted energy and materials.​
  • Reduce the number of mixed material types and allow disassembly when mixing materials types​
    Ease end-of-life recirculation by simplifying material sorting.
  • Selection of processes with low energy consumption and waste​
    Change welding process, optimize painting parameters.


Comparison of Full Flow valves & the old Ballomax design​

Weight reduction


Less components 


Fewer process steps


Less electricity for welding