BROEN District Heating & Gas

BROEN BALLOMAX® Standard ball valves

BALLOMAX standard kugleventil 

Careful handling from district heating station to radiator


At BROEN care exceeds what an engineer can create at a desk. Real life is full of challenges that cannot always be seen from a desk, e.g. environmental considerations and a home life that is about anything but ball valves. Consequently, many of our solutions have materialized as a result of a close cooperation with our customers. One of these results is that we apply exclusively non-toxic paint and another one that the valve parts require neither replacement nor lubrication.


Our knowledge of the district heating systems goes all the way from the district heating station, through under ground systems, from the main pipe to the service pipe, into the utility room or basement and all the way to the radiator.


So contact us whey you need advice on reliable and durable solutions!


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