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The levers also called the grips are the basic tool enabling the control of ball valves. Depending on nominal diameter of the valve and the nominal pressure, the lever of appropriate length and construction is used, which allows to control the ball valves by rotating the stem by 90 degrees. BROEN recommends the use of its own plenetary gear, when the use of the levers is not possible because of the high opening torque of the valve.


Planetary gear

Planetary gear support the control of the fittings, when the high opening torque of the valve prevents the use of a lever.

The gear is used for manual control of the fittings between the terminal positions OPEN - CLOSED (90º rotation angle), substantially reducing the force required for its operation. The terminal positions are enforced by the bumpers located during the installation of the gear on the fitting and then proetcted against the regulation. PO-27 gear is non-self-locking two-stage planetary gear using the cylindrical gears lubricated with grease and equipped with bearings on sleeves with Teflon coat, which ensures the high mechanical efficiency. The planetary gears can be also installed on various length columns enabling this way the control of the fittings installed in underground piping systems.


Stem extension

The stem extensions are the extension of the stem allowing this way the control of the valve installed in underground systems or the places requiring the control from the strictly set height. In addition to the standard height stem extensions, BROEN also recommends the telescope stem extensions of regulated height and the stem extensions made to individual orders of the customer according to the predefined parameters. A lever, planetary gear or any type of the drive (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic etc.) installed at the top of the stem extensions could be the element enabling the control of the valve.