BROEN balls

Oil & Gas

From the very beginning BROEN has been specialising in the production of ball valves and related accessories dedicated for:
  • gas sector
  • petrochemical sector
  • water supply
  • heating sector


BROEN has a quality assurance system conforming to the ISO 9001 standard. The system obtained the certificates issued by the Technical Inspection Office, Unit Certifying the Management Systems UDT-CERT.

BROEN also manufactures its ball valves according to the American standard API Spec. 6D.
BROEN has a licence issued by American Petroleum Institute, No 6D-0378 which entitles us to mark the products with API marking.

The enterprise successfully passed for the first time the process for evaluation of products compliant with the requirements of Directive No. 97/23/EC. Based on the certificate issued by BUREAU VERITAS we obtained the right to put a CE marking on our products.

The Technical Inspection Office issued the decision entitling us to manufacture the industrial fittings constituting elements of the transmission and technological pipelines for the hazardous-flammable agents (in liquid and gas form).